Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Jesse Tree!

A new family tradition for years to come!  I had never heard of the Jesse Tree until I started looking for creative ways to learn and enjoy advent with the kids.  In a nut shell…..The Jesse tree is a unique way of celebrating advent.  The Jesse Tree represents the family tree of Jesus.  It begins with Creation and goes through the Old Testament to the birth of Christ.  There are MANY resources, ideas and books out there.  Google Jesse Tree and get a plethora of sites, blogs, books, etc.  There are free downloadable books, ornaments, ideas…..everything you need.  Well, I wanted to have something for years to come so I chose to purchase a great book


The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert Smith

This book has devotions for children and adults beginning with Day 1, Creation.  It gives an idea of a symbol to use on your Jesse Tree, memory verse, songs, devotion and prayer. 

We are enjoying cutting, sewing and gluing our ornaments out of felt.  Get creative!









The beginning of our Jesse Tree!                          Crew hanging our 1st ornament


After our devotion and hanging our symbol, the kiddos enjoy a book with Daddy about Christmas.

We are enjoying this family time and trying to focus on the reason we celebrate Christmas Day!

What family traditions do you have?  I only ask because I love traditions!  I love the idea that my grandchildren may someday be doing these activities with their families.


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