Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little Artists–Displaying Children’s Artwork!


Well, the project is finally done!  I have seen the idea of a displaying children's artwork in many different ways.  Some that I loved, some that I didn’t and others I did not have the space for.  Here is the blog that finally really got me motivated Displaying Children's Art Work Gallery.  (Thanks Pink and Green Mama!)

I have been working on this for a while now.  First, I had to dig out and purchase just the right frames, corkboard, burlap (to cover the cork for a different look & texture), and a permanent spray adhesive.  Next, came putting it all together and hanging them all on the wall.  Finally ,we have added some art we have been working on in celebration of Winter and the holidays.  Here it is…..










I left the mat and glass on the two larger frames and removed them from the four smaller ones.  The four smaller frames have a piece of cork (I used the tiles as they are thicker than the rolls of cork which don’t hold the push pins very well.) I decided to cover the cork with burlap using a spray adhesive for a different look.  The four bottom frames will display daily/weekly projects and the two larger ones will be used for our Artist studies starting in January.

Many thanks to the Deep Space Sparkle website for amazing art lessons!  The snowman project above was a directed draw.  Goose was amazing and drew and painted hers ALL on her own as I was modeling (directing) on my sheet of paper.  You are amazing Goose!


Mine on the left and Goose’s on the right!








Time to paint!


Finishing touches…..tracing with black marker.









We will begin to study famous artists in January, but in the meantime I thought we would do a festive painting.  Here are our versions of the Poinsettia Art Project from our favorite art website…..


Q-tip painting for the center of the flowers









Sponge painting the petals



I did let the kiddos pick what colors they wanted to use…. so, blue Poinsettias it is.

Crew and Goose are so proud of their artwork on our new wall.  There is a glow on their faces when they see the beauty they add to the room!

Do you have any creative ways for displaying artwork in your home?



pink and green mama MaryLea said...

The art projects are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Also, your art display area is wonderful -- we've switched ours over to a winter/christmas theme as well!
I love the way you added burlap to the cork -- it gives it an extra polish and looks great!!

Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family!!

pink and green mama,

Brigit said...

Thanks MaryLea! We love our new wall and are thankful for the inspiration.

Happy Holidays to you guys too@


laurakidman said...

Seriously... excellent job. Esp. to Goose! She's a budding artist! Those pics sure add lots of color (and Love) to the house :-)

Hugs to everyone

Patty Palmer said...

Oh my, these are beautiful! Just love the blue poinsettias! Have a great holiday!
Deep Space Sparkle