Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Art Day 3……To Be Continued Tomorrow!

We took a day off!  We enjoyed a great day with friends just hanging out. 
We did play a fun game that was recommended by my SIL (Thanks Laura!)  LCR   Yup, that’s the name of the game.  LCR stands for left, center and right.  It’s a fun game and the kiddos don’t even know they are learning!  It is great practice for directions, counting, taking turns, following rules, learning sportsmanship….the list could go on.  We just really had some fun family time!
Oh yes, I picked it up at Target for about $5.


What are some of your families favorite games?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year’s Crafts–Day 2!

Happy New Year Garland















Getting our craft on with Dad is always a treat!  This is another craft idea from Kaboose  Happy New Year Garland.


Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year’s Craft! Day 1



The past two years we have celebrated “Noon” Year’s Eve with the kiddos at the Children's Museum downtown.  Great event, but I did promise myself I wouldn’t take them again due to the huge crowds.  Last year we had to wait for people to exit the building before entering because of fire codes!  Ugh!!  They NEED to sell tickets to the event. 

They do a ball drop followed by all the kiddos jumping on huge sheets of bubble wrap covering the ground and a have a live band.  We decided to make our own New Year’s Ball to decorate for the big day.  Later this week we will be making an actual ball to hang, but today we had fun painting and gluing!

You can find some great New Year’s Craft ideas here…. Happy New Year's Crafts







Tracing and Cutting


Painting and adding some glitter while still wet!








After they dried, we added some jewels and sequence for some bling!



Simple and easy!  Crew and Goose were able to do this project independently =)

Do you have New Year’s traditions with your family?  We would love to hear about them!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Letters and Cookies For Santa!!

Merry Christmas!



Though this is a busy season in our world today, we have really tried to keep in mind why we celebrate Christmas.  We have spent much time learning about the birth of our Savior through Bible stories, the Jesse Tree and Songs.  We have also enjoyed Goose’s Christmas program, letters and cookies for Santa, and many celebrations with friends!  We are blessed!  Here are snapshots of some of the events……

Gooses Christmas Program





Letters to Santa












Gingerbread Houses & A Visit…







From Santa!


Cookies and Carrots


Sugar cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer!


Oops!  Santa’s cookies slid right into his milk!


May you let your light shine upon others this coming year!

Happy Birthday to our Savior….

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little Artists–Displaying Children’s Artwork!


Well, the project is finally done!  I have seen the idea of a displaying children's artwork in many different ways.  Some that I loved, some that I didn’t and others I did not have the space for.  Here is the blog that finally really got me motivated Displaying Children's Art Work Gallery.  (Thanks Pink and Green Mama!)

I have been working on this for a while now.  First, I had to dig out and purchase just the right frames, corkboard, burlap (to cover the cork for a different look & texture), and a permanent spray adhesive.  Next, came putting it all together and hanging them all on the wall.  Finally ,we have added some art we have been working on in celebration of Winter and the holidays.  Here it is…..










I left the mat and glass on the two larger frames and removed them from the four smaller ones.  The four smaller frames have a piece of cork (I used the tiles as they are thicker than the rolls of cork which don’t hold the push pins very well.) I decided to cover the cork with burlap using a spray adhesive for a different look.  The four bottom frames will display daily/weekly projects and the two larger ones will be used for our Artist studies starting in January.

Many thanks to the Deep Space Sparkle website for amazing art lessons!  The snowman project above was a directed draw.  Goose was amazing and drew and painted hers ALL on her own as I was modeling (directing) on my sheet of paper.  You are amazing Goose!


Mine on the left and Goose’s on the right!








Time to paint!


Finishing touches…..tracing with black marker.









We will begin to study famous artists in January, but in the meantime I thought we would do a festive painting.  Here are our versions of the Poinsettia Art Project from our favorite art website…..


Q-tip painting for the center of the flowers









Sponge painting the petals



I did let the kiddos pick what colors they wanted to use…. so, blue Poinsettias it is.

Crew and Goose are so proud of their artwork on our new wall.  There is a glow on their faces when they see the beauty they add to the room!

Do you have any creative ways for displaying artwork in your home?