Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family Preserves….Homemade Christmas Gifts!

What’s in the bag???

Family Preserves!
While sitting down at dinner choose one question from your jar. Let this begin conversation tonight!
As an educator and a lover of all children, I think the time we spend around the dinner table with our kiddos can be priceless. I know at times we all fall into the same questions/discussions; How was your day?, What did you learn?, etc…. Try these out for fun!
There is a guarantee… WILL learn something new about each other =)

I found this idea on a great site ( ) and decided to do it.  Frugal, fun for the kiddos and meaningful for the families receiving them…..or at least I hope so!

Crew and Goose loved this part.  They painted the back of the printed paper (conversation starter questions found at the above link) to add some color to our gifts. Just mix shaving cream and tempera paint and viola!  So fun….I even joined in =)



After the paint dried, I cut each question into strips and we all wrapped them around pencils (or paintbrushes for a tighter curl).  Goose was great at filling the jars. 
A bit hard to see with that busy tablecloth but here are some strips cut up and then curled and ready for the jar.
Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.     Jim Rohn

Meaningful gifts!!
Please do share your meaningful gifts too or any you have found!


rsingh said...

thanks, this is a great idea.

Besides the ornaments for the Christmas tree which we make every year the kids are making these as their gifts to immediate family:

a. lip balm
b. bath salt
c. brown sugar facial scrub
d. sewing monogram ornaments, W only.
e. homemade cookies for teachers plus a christmas tree pins

It's a very busy time for us here :-)

Brigit said...

Friend, you need to start blogging all the amazing ideas =)