Friday, December 3, 2010

A City Girl on the Ranch???


One of the many blessings of homeschooling!  We have been given an opportunity to help take care of the animals at a local ranch here in town on Wednesday mornings.  We went through a training with Ms. Leah on how to care for all the animals on the ranch for the winter.

So, every Wednesday morning we put on our boots and warm clothes and head out to work on the ranch!


The kiddos love to test the limits on the frozen pond….yikes!


Absolutely beautiful scenery!


Letting the animals out to roam for the day.

Getting ready to break the ice!


Super excited to gather eggs!

The most beautiful hen house ever.  Yes, that house!


Gathering eggs with Grandma


Wow!  A total of 13 eggs collected today!


Getting the chickens out for some fresh air with some treats.


For breakfast the next morning, we came to find two yolks in the enormous egg on the right!

So, what did we learn this morning?  Well, let's see about animals, feeding, poop, weather, ice, frozen ponds, counting, eggs, chicks, roosters, and the list goes on!  You should have heard the conversations =)

I feel so absolutely blessed this year schooling at home with the kiddos.  It has brought us so many new opportunities and friends.  We are thankful!


laurakidman said...

Love love love it!!! I'm jealous. The kiddos are blessed to have YOU as their teacher... in school, AND in life! Miss you guys! xxoo

Brigit said...

Thanks Laura! We miss you guys too. We often talk/dream about us all living closer together.
Hugs to you all =)