Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amazing Homeschool Support Groups & Programs

......they're everywhere.  Have you looked?  Yes, I am new to homeschooling can you tell???  So for those of you who are in the same boat, just know that there are amazing support groups and programs for your kiddos too! 

CHEC has been a great resource for our family as we have begun our journey.  They have information on everything; laws, curriculum, local support groups and information about programs to enhance what you are doing at home.  If you are in Colorado check them out.....    Not in Colorado?  Just google "homeschool support programs (and your state)"

Crew attends a homeschool program at one of our local charter schools here in town on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  He absolutely loves it!  His morning there consists of about an hour of kindergarten circle time (calendar, story, etc.), followed by 1 hour of Science and 1 hour of Spanish.  He has met great friends and can already carry on simple conversations in Spanish.  What sponges!  There are also optional fieldtrips offered.  We are headed to the circus this Friday!

I am not sure which is his favorite, Spanish or PE.  On Thursdays he attends a 1 hour PE class here in town as well.  It's awesome!  He has been introduced to many different sports/games with a huge focus on sportsmanship.  Here is a snip it about the program....

The focus is for students to learn to enjoy and participate in sports and physical activities with a proper, godly perspective, as well as to live life in a full and Christ-like way.
We will usually warm up to begin each class and many times get an aerobic workout through the activities of the day. Cardiovascular fitness, muscle conditioning, and goal setting will be modeled and taught.

Coach gathering the kiddos for some instruction on how to play Frisbee Golf

Okay, so this was the only shot I got with the Frisbee still in the pic =)

A little flag football

What does Goose do during this time?  She gets her own exercise!

All in all we have been blessed with great programs, mentors, and friends!
Do you have any great resources or programs to share?  Leave a comment as you never know who you might help!


rsingh said...

I strongly encourage you to check out yahoo groups for homeschoolers; there are so many of them that it can intially be overwhelming but soon enough you will find those that you like and that are valuable. They have lots of ideas and are a great support group. You can also buy used curriculum at a huge discount. Good luck on your homeschooling journey.

Brigit said...

Thanks, I will check it out! Used curriculum is the way to go =) I have also found great used curriculum on E-bay.

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