Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sorry for not posting all week.  We have been sick over here, especially me!  I so don't think Mom's should be allowed to get this sick.  I think I will have to suck up my pride and head to the doctor tomorrow, as I think it is going to take meds to kick this one.

In the meantime, we have a new family member here.  Crew is our animal lover and has been asking for a pet for a long time.  He has enjoyed the bunnies (al pacas, goats....ok we don't have room for those)  at the different farms we have been visiting this Fall so I began my research.  We decided on a Holland Lop due to their temperament and size.  We found an awesome local family that has a rabbitry breeding Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads.  They had some bunnies ready to leave their Mommy, so we headed over.

Wow, 160 bunnies!  Sweetheart Bunny Rabbitry has about 160 bunnies right now, with a handful ready to go to forever homes.  When we arrived, we looked at the different bunnies available in pens in their front yard.  They were adorable!  The kiddos enjoyed getting them out to hold them, pet them and well, just cuddle.  When we chose our bunny (junior buck broken frosty), we headed out back to check out the rabbit barn.  Ms. Melissa doesn't take families back to the barn first because then they see the cute tiny ones that aren't ready to leave their Mommies yet. 

We got an opportunity to see bunnies that were born less than 24 hours before.  What a great learning experience.  The little bunnies were in a small nesting box covered in their Mom's fur.  This is what the Momma does to help keep them warm when they don't yet have fur of their own.

The kiddos also enjoyed the tree house and picking sunflower seeds from the garden.  What a great day!

Headed home with Frosty!  The kiddos wanted to sit in the back =)  Buckle up!

When we arrived home Daddy started to build a stand for Frosty's cage for the winter months inside.  Both Crew and Goose helped with the power tools =)

Crew and Dad are looking forward to building an outdoor hutch this Spring for Frosty and hopefully a couple of laying hens.

Here is to learning more about bunnies on our new adventure!

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