Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sight Words Made Fun!

Wow, Crew is reading his first beginning readers (Biscuit, Clifford, etc) all by himself!  I am not sure who is more excited.  He loves to read to see what happens next.  The phonics program we are using is great, but I also know that he is so successful independently because of his mastery of sight words.  I am using a great site that has lists organized by level. Here it is..... 

We are choosing 5 new words a week and writing them on index cards.  Each day he reads the cards to me or reads the list of sentences off the above site. As I prepare lunch, he usually will do some sort of activity with these words.  He enjoyed writing his words with sidewalk chalk in the driveway today.

Other ideas for sight word practice:
Writing words in shaving cream on dinner or patio (easy clean up with the hose =) ) table
Sidewalk chalk on driveway
Wikki Sticks
Dot Art (We call these Dobbers. I got them at Lakeshore.  Will post pic)
Sticker Letters
Magnetic Letters

Feeling so blessed to see him grow and learn!

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