Monday, October 4, 2010

Circus Time!

The circus is in town!  We are headed to the circus on Friday. So, what better than a circus theme for part of our learning this week. This will really be a new experience for all of us, as I don't ever remember going to the circus myself. Today we enjoyed some great circus stories, a clown hat craft and some juggling.  

Here are our 2 favorite stories of the day!

Goose has a love for books.  She loves to retell the stories aloud =)

Our two clowns!

Learning that juggling takes skill!


   Here is the link to step by step directions for the clown hats.....

Other circus ideas for the week:
Animal Cracker Estimation Jar
Clown dot-to-dot (1-100 for Crew and 1-10 for Goose)
Tight Rope Walking (masking tape on ground)
Art & Fun
Clown Hat
Directed Drawing of Circus Animals
Build A Circus Tent (using parachute)
Face Painting

Technology  (Lots of fun things to explore; Amazing Animals, Fun Zone, and more)

Check back for more pics and ideas later in the week!

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