Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts

We have enjoyed some super cute and easy Halloween activities.

Crazy Crumpled Spiders! 

Materials Needed:
black construction paper  (1 piece of 12 x 18 for the body and 1 piece of 9 x 12 cut into 1" strips for legs)
2 orange or purple pom poms
2 googly eyes
hot glue gun
fishing line to hang when done

Step 1:
Get busy crumbling your paper (12 x 18)

The spiders body!

Step 2:
Fold 8 black strips accordion style for legs.

Step 3:
Staple legs on!

Step 4:
Hot glue gun googly eyes onto pom poms and then glue pom pom eyes onto spider.  (You can use regular white glue.  It will just take longer to dry in place.)

Step 5:  Hang from ceiling =)

Super Cute!

Decorating Pumpkins

Ever since we visited the pumpkin patch the kiddos have wanted to carve their pumpkins.  After explaining that they would be rotten by Halloween, I came across these foam stickers at the Dollar Tree.

Very few materials needed =)  Pumpkins and Foam Sticker pack

They were so super excited to put their pumpkins out on the porch for all to see!

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Rachel said...

These are so cute! I love them! Thanks for some crafty inspiration.