Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall in is the air!


It is so very beautiful outside so we thought we would brighten up our storm door once again. This is a super easy and fun craft and if you don’t have a storm door, what about the slider or a window?

We did this project last year too.  You can see more details from last years post….  Here they are below using water colors to paint coffee filter leaves.


The computer in the background is playing Seeds of Courage. One of our favorite CD’s that you can also listen to online.  Check it out!

October Sensory Tub…

….filled with corn, plastic spiders, insects, Halloween cups, spinning tops and more!

I really didn’t think my kiddos would still be interested in a sensory tub but I thought I would put it out and see what happened.


So far, hours of fun =)



Filling & Balancing Cups


Spinning Tops


and much, much more.  We hope you are all enjoying Fall too.  Don’t be shy…..share your ideas, crafts and traditions!

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