Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Cheesy Crackers–100 Days of Real Food


Yes, we are in it for 100 days!!  This is Day 3 for us and to be honest it is already just becoming a lifestyle change.  I guess it has to be when you are stuck at home on a snowy day and you have gotten rid of anything processed in the pantry. Winking smile  So, we thought we would try making our own cheese crackers.  It was a success! 

Thanks to the Leake family once again for another great recipe Easy Cheesy Crackers

All you need is 4 simple ingredients and a food processor.  (Which, I don’t really have. So, thank you Sara for letting us borrow yours.  Love our neighbors!)  They were delicious…all gone in one day, and so easy to make simple tweaks to. I did tweak the original recipe just a little by adding a little salt and changing the baking time because of our altitude.

Easy Cheesy Crackers


  • 1 cup whole-wheat flour
  • 5 tablespoons cold butter, cubed
  • 1 ½ cups grated cheddar cheese…the sharper the cheese the cheesier the crackers
  • 1 tsp. sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Combine all  ingredients in a food processor and blend. The mixture will eventually turn into one big ball chasing itself around the bowl. Be patient because it can take a few minutes.
  3. Roll the ball into a log about 1 ½” in diameter. At this point you could refrigerate the dough until later.
  4. With a sharp knife slice ¼” thick pieces off the log  and place each one flat on an ungreased baking sheet. Try to rotate which side you are cutting down on because the top of the log does start to flatten a little. It is like your very own homemade slice and bake!


*  If you want your crackers to look a little fancy take a fork and gently mash down the top of each one before baking.

        5.    Bake for approximately 6 minutes or until golden brown.

These crackers can be stored in the freezer so double the recipe and save some for later!

Yield: Two dozen



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