Friday, October 7, 2011

Did You know Crickets……

… lettuce, carrots, grass and each other.  Oh yes, and how they make baby crickets!  We are studying about Field Crickets.  Why?!  Well, because we started finding them in our house.  As the weather is cooling down, they are coming in!  I never knew how interesting learning about crickets could be =).CIMG0098

Preparing their habitat!


Measuring just the right amount of dirt


Pretty cozy, don’t you think?


That’s right; lettuce, carrots and grass!


Okay, we didn’t find all of these crickets in our house.  We ended up buying some more at the pet store to have enough for some of our investigations.


Observing!  They did this a lot!  And for long periods of time!!  Who needs TV?


Yes, they are inside our house! 

So, what did we learn?  Scientific name, body parts, habitat, diet, identifying male and female, interaction, the noise they make and….I am sure I am missing something.

Chapter 4 – Chirping Crickets… this book!

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laurakidman said...

Love it! I'm sure they were loving it, too!! HOpefully, you won't have to study something like snakes because you found them in your house!! GLad to see the snow has melted, too. Love you guys!!