Thursday, November 4, 2010

Simple Fall Craft to Brighten Up A Window!

I loved this craft and so did the kiddos!  We recently took down all of our Halloween decorations and the kiddos decided they needed to decorate the house with more Fall decor.  I found this awesome idea on  Truly a frugal craft that looks awesome and was a ton of fun for us all. 

Do you have a window or storm door that could use a little color?

watercolors and paintbrushes
white coffee filters
brown paper roll

 We just loved sitting and painting coffee filter after coffee filter soaking in some great music!

 Here is the tree I drew and cut out of the brown paper roll.

We stacked 3 painted (dry) coffee filters and folded them in half.  We then cut the shape of a leaf.

 Now it's time to decorate!  The kiddos loved taping up the leaves. 

This looks awesome and sure beats the stick-on decorations you can get for windows. 

Happy Fall!!

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