Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joining the blogging world!

I thoroughly enjoy so many blogs from friends and others on the web that I have decided to join you all. Though still under construction, I decided to write my first post as life is passing us by and we want to share so much with all of you!

Well, summer is over in our house and though it was fun filled with great family time, traveling everywhere it seems, I am soooo ready to settle into our new routine.

Life is good! We have decided to homeschool this year.....definitely led by God. Mike and I have both been public school educators, and we always said that there was NO way we would ever homeschool our kids (for many reasons that I am finding to now be silly)! I trusted that this door was opened for a reason and we are following our hearts and our journey one day at a time.

Here are some pics of our homeschooling area. Yes, that's right I said area as we do not have an extra room. So for those of you thinking you need a whole room, this is for you.  It is great!

After, simple & efficient!

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