Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Apple Farm here we come!

Apples.....yes we are welcoming Fall already!  We took a family trip to Happy Apple Farm where we all got to experience picking apples for the 1st time.  Fun, fun, fun!  Okay, all but the wind that was blowing so hard at times that we found ourselves in dust storms where we all had to close our eyes.  The kiddos did enjoy picking different varieties, climbing trees, TASTE TESTING and then of course enjoying a piece of homemade apple pie at the country store.  We left with several pounds of apples to snack on and bake with.  I made my first ever apple pie from scratch.  Yummy!

What a perfect introduction to an apple themed unit.  Though, not on our formal curriculum for kinder ;) this is where life took us.  Oh....the beauty of homeschooling!  

Using a variety of resources we have enjoyed cooking, graphing, science, art and much more.  Here is a link to the K-Crews sample Apple unit....
and here is another site with some cute poems and ideas

Below are some pictures of our adventures thus far....enjoy!

Tractor Ride with Farmer Tony to the Orchards

Picking Galas

Apple Art - Paint blowing (using straws fits in perfectly with learning about air in science) and felt apples!

Check out the links above to see more of the activities we enjoyed =)

Wondering where the nearest apple picking farm might be.....

Happy Apple Picking!!!!

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