Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Coolest Lunchboxes Ever!!!

My life easier!!!  These are the best lunchboxes ever and they are green! My kiddos think they are cool and it makes my job easier.  I think we can all agree that we want our kids to eat healthy.  These compartmentalized lunchboxes make it so easy to pack a healthy lunch.  I try to have a fruit, veggie, carb and protein for each meal and it keeps portions the perfect size.

We take these everywhere from picnics at the park, the beach, airplanes, trains, car, friends houses.  Check them out.....

Our experience with this company has been fantastic!  They have great customer service and guarantee their products.  

Save $$ idea .....  I didn't buy their Bento Carrier, as I read on a blog that the soft lunchboxes (Princess, Batman, etc.) at Target fit the Bento boxes perfectly. 

Truly an investment worth making for health and the environment!!


rsingh said...

We like the PlanetBox and

For preschool we use bento boxes and a stackable stainless steel tiffin.

Our Family said...

The PlanetBoxes look great too! I will keep them in mind when we are in the market for new lunch boxes. However, who knows what will be out then =)