Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crew’s Piano Recital….”Mom, what is that feeling in my belly?”


“Mom, what is that feeling in my belly?”  Butterflies?!  It is so fun to watch our kiddos grow and learn everyday.  Today we got to talk about that feeling in your belly….nerves!  I never realized that little ones don’t really know what that feeling is.  It’s totally normal Crew.


He was awesome!  Although, when he sees this video he notices all his mistakes.  “Mom, I couldn’t get started, I missed a chord,….”  Me “Crew your 6 years old and you are amazing!”

He has been taking lessons for approx. 6 months (collectively).  We had to take a break after his first piano teacher moved away until we found a new one.  We love Ms. Rebekah and are so thankful and blessed to have her in our lives!

This is his first time playing on a Baby Grand piano and he said “It feels so heavy!”  We only have a keyboard at home but something tells me that will change Winking smile.

“The Bubble” Faber & “Here I am to Worship”

We love you Crew!

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