Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank You to A Joyful Noise Farm!


Goose and Crew fell in love with the barn cats!

Well, this would have been our yearly apple picking day but with the frost in May all of the local orchards are without apples this year.  We found a local farm to visit.  You can read more about them as a family and their farming practices here….  A Joyful Noise Farm 

Come to find that Kellie and I grew up in the same city, graduated from the same high school and college with the same degree and both began our teaching careers.  Here we meet in a different state…..what a small world!  They were so wonderful.  Craig and Kellie greeted us on the driveway and opened up their farm to us.  We learned a lot and definitely enjoyed our time there.

We can’t wait to move to a property with land!  Yes, I want to be a farmer Winking smile!


Heritage Turkeys!  All of these turkeys are already reserved for Thanksgiving.




A really cool portable watering system.  Keeps the water clean & healthy!!


This is a a part of the portable hen house.  They move the hen house & yard every 5 to 7 days to another part of the property where the hens get fresh grass, bugs, etc.  By the time the rotation comes back to this exact spot, there will be regrowth =)





Crew says to Goose “Don’t you wish we lived here?”

One day soon Crew, one day!!

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