Monday, September 19, 2011

Hungry for a healthy lunch!



Busy morning with chores and schooling.  Busy but peaceful.  Mornings that we don’t have to go anywhere are such a blessing.  Just living and learning with my kiddos.  Really, what more can a Mom ask for.  This is my dream world =) I built up an appetite early and was ready for a lunch to sustain me through what was going to be a busy afternoon/evening of piano lessons, Boy Scout Regatta and swim team conditioning/stroke clinic.

Simple, fresh and delicious!  When I first saw/heard of putting a fried egg on my salad, I was curious.  So today I was hungry for something healthy but more filling than just a salad.  So I did it….threw all the fresh salad, spinach and veggies in a bowl and topped it with an egg (farm fresh =) ) It was so very good and definitely filling.  In our house we call this a “Do it again!”  Once again, thanks to Kath!

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