Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Crafts!

I love Valentines Day.  Yes, I know the Hallmark holiday.  Well, you don’t have to make it that.  I love hearts and that warm fuzzy feeling from giving to others.  We read and talk about love, family and friendships.  Okay, we also enjoy some Valentines Day crafts!

Coffee Filter Hearts….


Cool, watch the colors spread!


  • White coffee filters (cut into the shape of hearts…different sizes)
  • Liquid watercolors (any colors)
  • Droppers

Hmmm…..where she we put them?  They look awesome on the storm door with the sunlight coming through them!  Fun, easy, frugal, quick =)




My favorite so far!  We  made Dad a really cool pen holder for his desk at work.  Yes, in the link they are for votive candles which is also really cool.  Thanks Simple Mama for an afternoon of fun with my kiddos and something to cherish for years to come!  Valentines Day Votive  or pen holders…hee hee!




Visit Simple Mama’s website (link above) for materials and directions! 

Happy crafting!


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