Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tot Trays…Some More Fun!

Tot tray ideas: day 2

More Tot Trays Goose loves!  She can’t get enough of stickers, stencils and stamps.  All of these can be found in the dollar sections at Michaels, Target and the Dollar Tree.

stamps, stencils & stickers





I got these plastic beads off Amazon for $2.99.  Below she is stringing colorful pieces of straws that I cut up.  So proud of her AABB pattern!  Other things we have used are pasta (colored or not) and cereal.









Sorting….Marbles and Teddy Bear Counters


She began by sorting her marbles by size, then color.  Next, she rolled them all over the wood floors. 







Goose loves these teddy bear counters.  Her idea was to sort them on the parachute by color.  Later she just enjoyed wrapping herself up and rolling around in the parachute!

Moon Sand







Goose loves play dough, salt and water play but I was trying to think of something different.  Here she is playing with Moon Sand (from Michaels).  For those of you not familiar, Moon Sand is like sand but is also moldable and never dries out.  Grandma brought her these miniature sized sand toys on her last visit.  They are perfect for playing with Moon Sand or a salt tray.

Legos, Trios & Blocks


Of course free play with Legos, Trios or wooden blocks is always fun but sometimes I will give Goose “Brick Building Activity” cards.  On these cards it challenges her to build something in particular.  For example it might say, “Build a castle.”  We had the task of building a whole city this week with our Five in A Row book.  Post to come!

Writing & Art


Cheap shaving cream!  She loves to practice writing her letter of the week, name, etc..









Cards! I pick up blank cards at the dollar section at Michaels all the time.  Here Goose wrote a thank you to her friends Abby and Emma for the P.J.’s they passed down.


This is a really cool drawing book that I got at a Usborne book party.  Thanks Shawna!Goose is doing awesome learning how to follow the step by step directions to draw lots of different animals.  $5 well spent.  Here is a link…. http://www.myubam.com/L3347

Books on CD


Goose loves to get books on CD from the library.

Hope some of these ideas are new and fresh for your family! 


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