Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindergarten with Crew–Workbox 1

I am usually posting about crafts, art, Tot Trays and Preschool with Goose.  Well, here is how Crew starts his school day.

Crew’s Day – Workbox 1


Workbox 1 doesn’t change much from day to day.  It gives Crew the opportunity to ease into his schoolwork.  He starts off his day independently signing in on a small white board.  He writes his name and the date 2 different ways.


In this first workbox, he will also find one of his 3 journals.  The idea of journaling came from his love of drawing pictures about things we have done together.  Slowly it went from just pictures to labeling and then writing sentences.

Journal 1 allows for a lot of creativity.  Some days he writes about his experiences and other days he creates a sticker story or writes a story about a preprinted picture. 



A foam sticker story…..


Here I printed a picture of 3 dogs running.  He colored them in, added a few more details and  wrote a story to go with it.CIMG5960

Journal 2 has different types of prompts with word banks.  We just got this one and he loves it.  Maybe it is just the change, but it is really helping him add details to his writing.




Journal 3 is a Math Journal.  There are days he asks for this one as he is not in the mood to do as much writing.  I am pretty flexible with this.  I have preprinted math journal prompts ready for him.  I usually have 4 or 5 for him to choose from at a time.


There is not a prompt on the one below.  He just wanted to write a math story problem as this is something he is doing in Saxon 1 right now.  Like I said, this is a pretty flexible time.


While Crew is doing Workbox 1, I get some time with Goose to work on one of her preschool boxes.  She still has a mix between Tot Trays and some workboxes with preschool work.  We do whatever she is in the mood for.  Sometimes she joins Crew and journals herself.  The last time we were in Lakeshore she said she wanted her own journal too.  How can I say no to that =)



I love monkeys!

That’s it!  Pretty simple and it has been amazing to see his growth from day one to day 115.

Do you have a creative way you journal or start your day? 


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Michelle said...

Ah, I used to have the My First Draw and Write Journal... I loved my little ones journaling in it. I will have to look for that one again - it is perfect! Love your samples of writing and illustrating too!