Friday, February 4, 2011

Five In A Row–Katy and The Big Snow


image  We have enjoyed our first week using FIAR.  This is a great book! I love the literature used and the activity suggestions.  I purchased this book used for under $20 on Amazon and it is going to give us hours and hours of fun learning through wonderful books. 

We started off with Katy and the Big Snow, as I felt like it was appropriate timing with the recent storms.  We read the story each day and enjoyed many different activities and discussions.  Here are some pictures of our week with Katy and the Big Snow…..


A cute story about “Katy” a big strong snow plow facing a blizzard in the city of Geopolis.  When all the other plows break down, it is all up to Katy to help get the town back up and running.  We focused on Geography, Vocabulary & of course plowing….



An aerial view of our town!

We discussed what we thought were important services/building to include in our city.  Here are some of them up close…








Our writing activity…..labeling our city!











After be stuck inside for several days of negative temperatures, it finally warmed up for us to go “plow” ourselves!



Not only were we so excited to get out, but so was our bunny Frosty.  You can see him in the picture above with Goose!


FIAR is not only for homeschooling families.  Great books and great ideas for fun play!


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