Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vermicomposting….What? Why Worms??

In a continuing effort to live more of an earth friendly life, we are vermicomposting.   We have a traditional composter in the backyard which is great, but to speed up the process we are moving to worms for help.  After some research online as well as books from the library, we have begun our endeavor. 

This great website/tutorial helped us get started… Red Worm Composting - Getting Started

This entire project was less than $20 and was fun, educational and will hopefully produce an amazing garden this coming year!








                                           Drilling holes for ventilation







       The Reservoir Bin                                                                  Bins stacked….







    Worms love shredded cardboard!                                                     Wetting it all down








         Some food scraps                                                                       Of course the worms!
















Last step, top on!  Of course we feed them and check on them regularly.

Now when Crew or Goose are asked if they have any pets ,they say “Yes, a bunny and worms”.  Boy do we get some interesting looks!

More pictures to come with the books, science and art we are working on too =)

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